Minggu, 26 Juli 2015

Ratu Spa Bali Special Promotion

Special Promotion at Spa Bali

(All Prices are including Tax & Service)

(Peppermints sea salt foot bath, Body steam, Traditional Balinese massage, Shower)
Inherited massage style from ancestor by using traditional technique will be provided. Please choose body massage oil from the list bellows:
Lavender               : For relaxing, insomnia and antiseptic
Grapefruits               : For slimming and refresh skin
Sandalwood              : For sensuality and skin regeneration
Jasmine                  : For deep relax, sexual balance and calming
Rose                           : For aphrodisiac and romantic

Therapy massage by warm stones and ginger oil combined with traditional. Balinese massage for your relaxation. It is effective for your better blood circulation, decreasing muscle tension, increasing stamina and healing your body and soul.  The process of the treatment is as follows : Foot bath, Body steams in order to bring out the toxic, Body massage by using warm stones to relieve stress and finalized by shower.

Get your soft and bright skin through milk body treatment. Milk will nourish, whiten, and soften your skin. It ha s good nutrition to recovery your sunburned skin.
  • Peppermints sea salt foot bath and traditional Balinese massage (with choices of body massage oil)
  • Milk body scrub to remove dead skin cells, give nutrition and leave your skin smooth and healthy
  • Milk body pack (to stretch and moisturize your skin) and essential flower bath
  • Ginger tea
  • Peppermints sea salt foot bath and body steam
  • Traditional Balinese massage with choices of body massage oil
  • Fresh body scrub to remove dead skin cells and chapped skin with choice of scrub:
Cucumber        : For oily and sunburn skin, effective for cooling and skin brightness
Avocado           : For dry skin, effective for smoothing and moisturizing skin
Carrot                : For dry and sunburn skin effective for skin nourish and rejuvenation
  • Essential flower bath and body moisturizer to moisturize and protect your skin from sunburn
  • Ginger tea

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