Senin, 20 April 2015

Spa Bali couple price

Only $ 205

PRINCE SPA (Special Package for man ) focusing on relaxing massage and relieving fatigue flower bath contains special jamu for man.
ANGEL SPA (Special package for women ) Flower bath contains special jamu for women. It is effective for health and inner beauty
  •                 Peppermint / Aroma therapy flower foot bath
  •                 Body steam
  •                 Traditional Balinese massage ( Choice of body massage oil )
  •                 Herbal body scrub / Green tea body scrub
  •                 Polishing with yogurt / Green tea body mask
  •                 Hair creambath / Aromatic light facial  or ear candle
  •                 Flower bath mixed with traditional jamu (herb) to enhance romantic mood and for tightening feminine area
  •                 Lavender Body spray / Body moisturizer ( To moisturize and protect your skin from sunburn )
  •                 Choice of drinks ( Balinese coffee, Herbal tea, Javanese tea or Ginger tea )/
  •                 Fresh jamu or herbal drink ( For inner beauty )

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