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エステスパバリ Spa Bali "Valentine Promo"

(Flower footbath, Body steam, Traditional Balinese massage, Shower)
Inherited massage style from ancestor by using traditional technique will be provided. Starting with footbath, body steam to take out the toxic from your body, and traditional Balinese massage by using aromatic oil from top to toe will be applied in order to smooth your better blood circulation and finalized by shower.

BODY SCRUB TREATMENT  ————— 2 Hours ————- US $ 90
•             Aroma therapy flower footbath & Body steam
•             Traditional Balinese massage with choices of body massage oil
•             Fresh body scrub to remove dead skin cells and chapped skin & Essential flower bath
•             Body moisturizer to moisturize and protect your skin from sunburn
•             Choice of drinks (Balinese coffee, Herbal tea, Javanese tea or Ginger tea)

MILK BODY TREATMENT   ————– 2 Hours ————–   US $ 92
Get your soft and bright skin through milk body treatment. Milk will nourish, whiten, and soften your skin. It ha s good nutrition to recovery your sunburned skin. Enjoy the sensation from the luxurious treatment which can attract a glance of admiration from your beautiful skin
•             Aromatherapy Flower foot bath
•             Traditional Balinese massage (with choices of body massage oil)
•             Milk body scrub to remove dead skin cells, give nutrition and leave your skin smooth&healthy
•             Milk body pack (to stretch and moisturize your skin) & Essential flower bath
•             Choice of drinks (Balinese coffee, Herbal tea, Javanese tea, Ginger tea)

HEALING THERAPY MASSAGE   ———— 2 Hours ————- US $ 86
Starting with shower, aroma therapy flower foot bath, Body steam, and aroma therapy body massage. The high quality aroma therapy oil which is blended from pure olive oil with several essences is used for the massage.  The traditional Balinese massage technique will be able to relieve fatigue and heal your health problems (Rinsing out the oil after the massage is not recommended in order to optimize oil function.)
Choice of aromatherapy oil:
Sumatra sunset   : For anti oxidant and energizing
Mystical Borneo : For relieving headache, nausea and rheumatic
Muscle ease          : For muscle stretch and better blood circulation
Relax oil                : For relieving stress and headache
Insomnia oil        : For relieving stress and insomnia

** 5% Service & 12,5 Tax applied for all menus

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