Selasa, 16 September 2014

Bali Prada

Feeling a touch of Balinese Hindu culture,with luxurious modern Balinese furnishing,experience traditional Balinese treatment focused on health and beauty in our exclusive VIP room.

-Aroma Therapy Flower Foot Bath
-Herbal Body Steam
-Royal Balinese Massage
-Balinese Body Mask
-Traditional Balinese remedy of three kind of body masks (boreh,tapel,pilis)

Traditional body mask using originally blended jamu (therapeutic herbs).
Mask will apply whole body (except abdomen) with gentle circulation, it will warm your body and restore blood circulation.
Traditional body mask focus on abdomen,using originally blended jamu (therapeutic herbs).
Apply with gentle circulation massage,it will ease your uncomfortable stomach condition, warm your body and release toxin.
Traditional body mask focus on your forehead,using originally blended jamu (therapeutic herbs). Apply mask on your temple to forehead,using thumb and fingers gentle massage will stimulate  blood flow in your head,guide you to the deepest relaxation.
Also enjoy foot reflex point massage.

-Traditional Balinese Herb Bath
Blissful herb bath using Balinese natural mineral and spices. It will warm your body, release toxin/impurity from your body, it is good for detox & slimming.
-Orchid Body Lotion
Healthy Fruits Salad & Ginger Tea

Enjoy fresh & healthy Balinese tropical fruit salad rich in vitamins and ginger tea to warm your body.

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