Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

special discount at Spa Bal

The Best package in July.......

Ice cream reminds us of our childhood. The
aroma of ice cream can turn a stressful person into a stress-free one. Ice
cream scrubs beautify your skin and relax your mind with its alluring
selection. The delightful way to enjoy ice cream scrub is simple, just select
your favorite flavor, then therapist will complete the deep cleansing ritual
for you and will tighten your skin pores, tone and moisturize your skin,
relieve the sunburn skin condition and turn it into luminous glow with the
subtle pure essential oil scent according to your chosen flavor.
Aroma therapy flower foot bath
Ice cream scrub ( with choices of body scrub)
Traditional Balinese massage ( with choices of body massage oil )
Fruit Face massage ( Cleansing, face massage, toner )
Ear candle
Body moisturizer ( To moisturize and protect your skin from sunburn )
Ice cream

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