Senin, 16 Juni 2014

Spa Bali at BALI RATU Relaxation & Esthetic SPA


Get your soft and bright skin through milk body treatment. Milk will nourish, whiten, and soften your skin. It ha s good nutrition to recovery your sunburned skin. Enjoy the sensation from the luxurious treatment which can attract a glance of admiration from your beautiful skin.
Aromatherapy Flower foot bath
TraditionalBalinese massage (with choices of body massage oil)
Milk body scrub to remove dead skin cells, give nutrition and leave your skin smooth and   healthy
Milk body pack (to stretch and moisturize your skin)
Essential flower bath
Choice of drinks (Balinese coffee, Herbal tea, Javanese tea, Ginger tea)

Bali Ratu Spa's Flower Bath

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