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Company Profile of Spa Bali

Bali Ratu Spa Company Profile

        BALI RATU is a company engaged in the field of  Services of Beauty namely relaxation & SPA . Bali Ratu is one of  the largest Spa ( City Spa) in Bali. Bali Ratu Spa was first established on April 18, 2002 in Kuta , Bali, Named Bali Ratu Kuta.
        With passion, effort , cooperation and hard work of all employees , Bali Ratu had expanded and opened a branch in Ubud cooperate with Artini Cottage 3 . This branch we call Bali Ratu Ubud

        Condition of Bali tourism after occurrence Bali Bombings I and II did not impair our spirit to advanced in 2005. The largest branch Bali Ratu is Bali Ratu Tiara located at Jalan Kartika Plaza No. 18 ,Kuta. Bali Ratu Tiara are now the Head Office of the thirdbranch of Bali Ratu

        Bali Ratu Ubud, also in precisely downtown, Jalan Raya Pengosekan , Ubud. The location also nearby to the attraction Monkey Forest . Bali Ratu Tiara location close to the attractions of Kuta beach , Bali Ratu Tiara also adjacent the shopping center and Centro Discovery Shopping Mall and close to the Waterbom with Walking distance . And most importantly Bali Ratu Tiara also very close to the Ngurah Rai Airport .

Bali Ratu Ubud capacity 7 Twin Rooms , Triple Rooms 3 and 1 VIP Room while Bali Ratu Tiara with a capacity of  21 Twin Rooms , Triple Rooms 3 and 4 VIP Rooms.

The concept and design of each branch Bali Ratu Spa different from each other. Bali Ratu Ubud has Traditional concept accordance with village atmosphere with a beautiful view of the fields, and Bali Ratu Tiara has modern concept . We provide  service ranging from hair treatment , nail treatment, and body treatments . We provide also special packages, for example Sweet honeymoon, Rhapsody, Angel Spa and much more ,with the best service. In addition also We have SPA training program that can be followed by the customer who wants to learn massage and SPA .The program is certified Bali Ratu and state certified.

To support the service for the customers , we provide support facilities such as adequate Jacuzzi , Body Steam, Shuttle Bus , Air Conditioner, VIP Room and gazebo .

Perfection services must be very closely related to the Human resource . We recruit , educate and childbirth labor quality . Training and ongoing training in order to improve quality. With qualified workforce and Standard Operating procedure to ensure customer satisfaction  “Ratu”.

Bali Ratu Tiara

Bali Ratu Ubud

Bali Ratu Kuta

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